Cortez Kennedy this, Cortez Kennedy that… my dear husband absolutely loves him and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks roster.  Sometimes it makes me think if he loves football more than he loves my company.  I never doubt his love for me as me but when it comes to choosing between watching a game or keeping me company to an errand, he’d surely beg me to understand how important it is for him to witness his favorite team play.

I totally understand, believe me I do but there are moments when I wanted a little more of his attention.  My friends say I should wear more sexy lingerie during our romantic rendezvous together, such as a sexy garterbelt and thong set from In His Dreams or if I’m feeling a bit more daring, an open front lace thong from Feel Pretty.  I believe them so I’m trying these out one of these days.

I created this blog to seek advice from expert wives out there who’ve been in this same situation yet managed to keep the romance alive with their husbands.  Please share your thoughts.




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